Track Assault


Comfortable Ride. Uncompromising Speed.

Go Skate. Go Far.

Engineered for Road and Track Skating.

Looking for better shock absorption, less vibration without compromising speed? MPC Track Assault is great for both road and track skating.

Track Assault benefits from MPC’s patented MTech® Soft Heart, Hard Body™ Technology, which combines a soft inner ring with a harder outer urethane. Allows flexing for grip and added durability.

Track Assault features more urethane, a lighter hub, and a different material for its inner ring. This provides more flex, more footprint, and better shock absorption for a comfortable ride.

Users: Road and Track

Track Assault comes in different hardness types:

FIRM: When race conditions are rough or slick.

Size Options: 90mm, 100mm and 110mm

X-FIRM: When race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

Size Options: 90mm, 100mm and 110mm.

XX-FIRM: When you look for the wheel with the most roll.

Size Options: 90mm, 100mm and 110mm.

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