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MPC Wheels is well known for the best inline skate wheels. Our high-performance urethane wheels are proudly made in the United States.

MPC Speed Wheels Manufacturing
MPC Speed Wheels Manufacturing

High Performance Wheels Manufacturer

Trusted by Champions Around the World

MPC Speed is part of the MPC Wheels family which has been perfecting the manufacturing of recreational polyurethane wheels for over 50 years.  Our expert team of chemists and engineers have refined our production process to provide the highest quality and most consistent wheels available. All our high performance formulations provide superior ride characteristics for a wide range of surface conditions.

Our wheels are Made in the USA. We take pride in making of the best performance speed skating wheels in the world. 

Revolutionary MTech® Technology. Soft Heart. Hard Body.

MPC’s patented multi-layer wheel technology, called MTech®, features what we call a “Soft Heart, Hard Body.” 

MPC’s MTech® wheels are comprised of two layers: a soft highly resilient inner layer that acts as a pneumatic tire and a durable outer layer of long wearing, surface-hugging urethane. The result is wheels with the largest footprint (ultimate grip), highest rebound (fastest) and firmest outer tread (best wear) available.

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