Street Fight


Long Roll. Responsive Grip. Comfort.

Maximize Results

Go the Distance. 

The MPC Street Fight Wheels are what you need to maximize your results and be competitive.

With Street Flight, pop speed is easier to maintain over the long-haul with less effort.

The MPC Street Fight also brings variations in stiffness for those with the need to mix up your wheel base to optimize your speed/grip ratio. Responsive and stable in the turns and rigid in the straights, the right hub mix is truly a crucial element of your speed strategy. Long lasting, high performance Street Fight wheels are ideal for road surfaces. 

Street Fight and/or 125mm wheels are traditionally used for marathons. 

Urethane Color: Orange

Uses: Road and Track

The MPC Street Fight wheels come in two hardnesses: 

X-FIRM: When race conditions are hard, smooth and dry.

Size: 125mm.

XX-FIRM: When you look for the wheel with the most roll.

Size: 125mm.

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